I Can Do It Too!

Need – Sport, play and leisure is an essential part of childhood. It supports children in the development of their physical, social and communication skills and helps increase their confidence; however for many disabled children and young people, opportunities to participate can be restricted due to physical, financial and attitudinal barriers. The ‘I can do it TOO’ campaign aims to break these barriers down.

Purpose – To facilitate the inclusion of disabled children into sport, play and leisure activities. Including helping the child to express what they would like to do.Contacting the activity provider. Identifying any training needs and funding up to 6 ‘taster sessions’.

Potential – Aiming to give disabled children and young people the same opportunities through sport, play and leisure to increase their confidence, fitness, self esteem, communication and social skills, learn new skills, have things to look forward to and have fun.

Price – Total Funding Needed for each child = £200

£150 – 6 ‘I Can Do It Too’ sessions, and £50 – facilitates the inclusion and administration costs.

(Please note that any excess funds not used to include individual children will be carried forward to support others)

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