Caterpillar Does It Again!

In the summer, Caterpillar held a Family Fun Day featuring digger demonstrations, factory tours, dog shows, market stalls and many fun rides and activities for children and adults alike.  The day went down a treat with approximately 3,000 visitors attending the Caterpillar Desford site.  The sale of entrance tickets and wrist bands all contributed to a donation of £5,590 to Menphys; their nominated charity. The event was managed by the Caterpillar Sports and Social Club Committee.

Furthermore, 21 Caterpillar employees took part in a 50 mile sponsored bike ride in July and the Desford HR team completed a 5k race over inflatables in September generating around another £2,500 for Menphys.

Carolyn Pascoe, Menphys Fundraising & Marketing Manager said, “We are thrilled with the support that we get from the employees at Caterpillar and would like to say a huge thank you to them for supporting Menphys. The money will help to fund one of our newest projects which will provide valuable work placement opportunities for disabled 14-18 year-olds.”

Jenny Chapman, Menphys Service Manager, added “We work with disabled children, and offer a range of support services across the county to ensure that disabled children, young people and their families have the best support and advice.  We are thrilled to have the support of the Caterpillar staff behind us.”

Dennis Beeching led the day’s arrangements supported by the dedicated Caterpillar Sports and Social Club Committee.  He added “We are delighted to have been able to make this donation to Menphys, Caterpillar’s nominated charity. Our employees chose Menphys to be Caterpillar’s nominated charity because of the excellent work it carries out in our local area.  Menphys can make a real difference to disabled children and young people in Leicestershire”

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