You allowed me to be a parent ....

You allowed me to be a parent, as I had relief because of your support.

The service has been wonderful..

it helped us cope in our most darkest of days, the staff are caring and willing to help when any situation arises, I’m not sure we would have coped as a family without the help and support we received! Truly amazing services and amazing staff!!

Our family were referred to the Menphys Outreach Service when my daughter's additional needs were realised

They assisted from the outset in helping us to navigate the assessments she would need to have and to co-ordinate her care. They arrange for us to have support meetings involving all the professionals involved in our daughter’s care at least every six months, which for us as a family is brilliant as it means that all of the professionals involved then talk to each other so that we can find the correct way forward for our little girl, which in turn take a lot of pressure off of our shoulders as a family. They were a massive support when it became apparent that I would be unable to continue to work due to my daughter’s care needs and helped me with approaching my employer for a career break and also in helping complete a lot of the paperwork we needed to do at that time. They also have helped to find funding for resources we’ve needed for our little girl when we haven’t been able to fully fund the item needed. They are always available to us when needed to give advice and support, which means a great deal to us as a family.

Early Support

“RM is our first child and the first grandchild on both sides. We are not from Leicester and therefore do not know many other parents or children – we are quite isolated as we do not have family close by. We were terrified, confused and upset when it became apparent that RM wasn’t developing as he should. I had made many trips to the GP to no avail – we then decided to pay for private reviews. This was when we learnt that RM required a lot of investigation and were referred back into the NHS for these. At his 2 year review we were introduced to Menphys as I explained the results from the neurologist and initial physiotherapist we had been to see. We sincerely believe that Menphys changed our lives and can’t imagine where we would be now if it wasn’t for their support and kindness. Menphys have been able to explain everything to us – having to on numerous occasions when the information didn’t stick…without complaint! They are extremely patient, kind and approachable. They always respond quickly to any queries or worries that we have. They have been integral to securing the support that RM does and will need moving forward and indeed our own. We had our first Early Support meeting this week which firstly would never have taken place if it wasn’t for Menphys and secondly it has allowed my husband and I to ‘see our future’ and more importantly ‘see RMs future’. It’s been a real challenge over the last 12 or so months but has been made remarkably easier with the help and support of Menphys. They have made us feel safe and made RM feel accounted for and valued”.