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"There just isn't enough Sport Provision out there for young people with disabilities like my son!" 

There are almost one million children & young people with disabilities in England (Department of Work and Pensions Family Resources Survey 2017/18). The benefits of sport and physical activity in children’s physical, mental, social, and emotional development are well-documented. Sport and physical activity are linked to cognitive benefits, learning ability, and better grade attainment for disabled children.

Children and young people with disabilities want more choices of activities that are suitable for them and that they feel confident they will enjoy. For some, this means more activities that are inclusive for disabled and non-disabled children. Others want activities that are just for children with similar impairments. 

To be able to fund more sports provision for children and young people with disabilities Menphys needs to raise vital funds to make it possible so we have created The Menphys Sports Club and now we need YOU!!

“Give me more choices of what to do, so I can pick what I like the sound of.” 

The Menphys Sports Club is a Business Club with a Sporting Twist...

People travel all over the country to meet their sporting idols and hear their stories and everyone loves a networking event. So we have created an opportunity to bring both of these elements together.


So what is it?

Exclusive Events

Members will receive a minimum of 4 yearly events where they will hear from invited guests from the world of local, national, or international sport whilst spending time getting to know others from the world of business, community, and sport.

VIP Opportunities 

All Menphys Sports Club members will receive priority booking and VIP upgrades to other Menphys events throughout the year. As well as discounts and upgrades from our sponsors and partners.

Prize Giveaways

From signed merchandise to match day tickets, meals to unique opportunities all club members will be entered into prize draws and giveaways.

and with ONE GOAL!

To provide much-needed sporting opportunities to children and young people with disabilities. 

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“Make everyone less bothered about winning and more about doing it for fun!"


What are the costs?

✅Yearly membership to The Menphys Sports Club is

£150+VAT per year, per member, and includes a minimum of

4 events aspart of that membership*. Additional fundraising for

Menphys by members is at their own discretion.
✅There will be no exclusivity and more than one person from

each profession or classification will be welcome.


What do we get?

✅Exclusive Events, VIP Opportunities, and upgrades, and

entry into members prize draws (As above).
✅Your Business Logo and website link on our website.
✅Your Business Logo on our Social Media.

✅Your Business Logo displayed at all Menphys Sports

Club events.

✅And Much More

How do we apply?

You can apply online here or if you would like to know any more information please contact our Head of Fundraising and Marketing Liam Deacy on email or call the team on 01455 323020

Sign up NOW and help make a real difference! 

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Thank you to our Menphys Sports Club members


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