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A tribute to Menphys founding member Ray Wood

Everyone at Menphys are saddened to hear that one of our founding members Ray Wood has passed away.

Ray and his family have been dedicated supporters of the charity over its 50 years.

Our young ambassador Eleanor Grudgings went to visit Ray as part of our 50th anniversary celebrations and he was thrilled to hear about the work being done for disabled young people across Leicestershire.

Ellie said “It was a pleasure to have the chance to meet Mr Ray Wood. The ambition, positivity and kindness to children and young people with disabilities and their families that Ray brought is infectious. If I can carry on bringing at least some of these amazing things he did with Menphys I will be proud. Thank you Ray Wood it has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you for your amazing words of wisdom when I met you! God Bless you and love to all your family!"

Menphys CEO Ian Caldwell added his own words of tribute to Ray.

“To support a charity for 50 years is one thing, to be so actively involved in its inception and growth over those 50 years is another level entirely. Ray’s dedication to Menphys and our work supporting disabled children & young people across the county will be his lasting legacy and we hope to continue to do him proud for the next 50 years and beyond.”

Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time. Rest well Ray and thank you

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