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Annual Christmas Carol Concert Cancelled

With great sadness, we have taken the decision to cancel our annual Christmas Carol Concert at Demontfort Hall Leicester this December.

This was not an easy decision to make considering its history and tradition as well as being one of our most benefical annual fundraisers. Several factors were taken into account including:

1. De Montfort Hall

Presently DMH is closed and there is no indication of when it is likely to reopen. When it does reopen we anticipate that the last type of concert that will be permitted will be large scale choral concerts ( it has been established that singing has promoted the spread of Covid 19 ). Large choirs and an orchestra will have great difficulty in social distancing. Social distancing requirements will severely restrict numbers in the audience and this will impact on the economic viability of the concert. Linked to this, members of the public may be very reticent to buy tickets in a concert hall whilst there is any risk from Covid.

2. Health & Safety

Health & Safety is of paramount importance to protect students and teachers. If Covid 19 is still prevalent through the autumn months it will be impossible to guarantee the safety of pupils and staff in large scale rehearsals and the performance.

3. Educational demands on schools

Although there is an aspiration for all children to be back in school for the start of the autumn term, we have yet to see how this will be achieved. In any event, despite the best intentions of teaching staff, the majority of pupils will have missed months of face to face teaching and the challenges to be faced by teachers and students will be immense. In such an environment we fully accept, as does everyone at Menphys, that to produce a carol concert is a low priority.

The good news is, please make sure that Friday, 3rd December 2021 is in your diary as the concert will be back.

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