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Remembering the pedalling pensioner, George Latham

On what would be his 100th birthday we remember George Latham, the pedalling pensioner.

George, from Wigston cycled the 4,000 miles to Athens, Greece and back aged 65, his hope was to raise £4,000 for Menphys. The journey averaged 65 miles per day, some days George travelled more than 100 miles a day to keep to his schedule of getting home before his 66th birthday on July 15th.

During his trip, George made two official stop-offs, at Krefeld in Germany and Maromme, France both twin towns of Oadby & Wigston at the time of his journey. George overcame all sorts of problems with his bike on his way but his itinerary included cycling through some of Europe's most beautiful and picturesque cities including Munich, Vienna, Naples, Paris, and Rome.

To cut costs, he camped in a one-man tent and had one main meal per day augmented by roadside snacks of bread and cheese snacks.

George completed his mammoth adventure raising over £5,000 for Menphys.

Happy 100th Birthday George, we hope you are enjoying the ride wherever that may be!.

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