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The Christmas List 2021

This Christmas, Menphys would like to provide 1000 Christmas gifts to disabled children & young people across Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland. Can you help to make this possible?

2021, much like 2020 has seen many families with children and young people that have disabilities facing their biggest challenge to date. COVID-19 has made it necessary for families to isolate and shield, important routines have changed, missing out on school, respite, social interaction, and much, much more.  

To make the experience for families even more special we have partnered with Santa's Inclusive Workshop, a fully inclusive space where anyone with special requirements can feel comfortable and enjoy the magic of visiting Santa. The Grotto, on Gallowtree Gate in Leicester, is 100% free and is being funded by The Mckeefery Family in partnership with Menphys and their amazing volunteers & sponsors.

Menphys would like to help them to end the year on a positive note. Can you help us with your support for 'The Menphys Christmas List'?

Every £15 donated to The Menphys Christmas List, will enable us to provide an age-appropriate gift from a specially selected list, sent directly to the family in COVID-friendly manner to put away for the big day. 

All donations large and small will enable Menphys to do MORE this Christmas.

Donate just £15 and put a smile on the face of a  disabled child or young person this Christmas.


The Menphys List

Children with disabilities are just that—Children. And they want to play! So the best toys for a child with a disability are those that encourage that exploration through play “Their toys don’t have to be fancy or special ‘learning toys.’ They simply need to be toys that the child enjoys and that are developmentally appropriate.

Our team has selected a wide range of age and disability appropriate gifts that we would like to send.


Here are some examples:


Building with Lego bricks is a multi-sensory, open-ended experience, so the building projects can be tailored to any young person’s unique needs, such as blindness, deafness, mobility impairment, autism, or ADHD.

Arts and Crafts

Arts & Crafts for young people with motor disabilities can help them express themselves creatively, build confidence, and aid in strengthening fine and gross motor skills.

Music Stimulation

For a young person with Autism, SPD or APD, noise can be brutal but it can be very stimulating. Music therapy works across a broad spectrum of need from exploring and expressing thoughts and feelings to developing concentration and co-ordination.

and kids just wanna have fun!

So we are looking to purchase everything from Jigsaws to Jack-in-a boxes, Funko Pops to Fidget Toys, Bath Toys to Barbie dolls, and much more.

Be MORE today!

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It's simple...

✅Donate to Menphys using one of the donation tools listed below.
✅Every donation of £15 or more will generate the purchase and distribution of a gift.
✅Once a gift is distributed (in a COVID-Friendly manner) the family will receive communication telling them there is a gift from Menphys on it's way. With a note saying who sponsored that gift*.
✅The donor will then receive an email informing them of the type of item sent and the age range of the young person.
✅Families will be asked if they wish to provide a thank you to the donor this will be sent to Menphys and passed on to the donor.

* Donors' name will only be passed on to the family with consent from the donors if done on an individual basis.

If a business/individual wishes to purchase multiples of a certain item or purchase particular types of gifts please contact Menphys directly at to arrange this. 

Here is how to donate...